Books From My Bookshelves 7. 12 December 2009

December 12th, 2009 Posted in Books, BOOKS FROM MY BOOKSHELVES

There is a shelf in my kitchen.  If it held pots and pans I wouldn’t be writing about it here. It holds BOOKS, recipe books, handy for use. Nearly 50! And there are 40 others and two part-works in my library – back-ups to those in the kitchen. Why so many? Well, many of them were my wife’s – she loved reading recipe books. I never could see the delight in that until I was left on my own and had to cook for myself and friends. I became interested in cooking and realised why she liked reading recipe books. I have become adicted!   Now, in my kitchen I have, Delia Smith, Nigella Lawson, Mary Berry, Lucy Young, Susannah Blake. What an array to help me ! Not one male in sight ! Oh, yes, there is one creeping in – James Martin.  Among these I have a bulging file of recipies cut from magazines and newspapers. I am only following my wife here because among her books I found a note-book with cuttings stuck in. But there is another in which she had written recipes. Apparantly this practice started in her school days when part of her School Certificate curriculum was domestic science that included cookery.  In that recipe book  are such delights as Aunt Lizzie’s Sponge Cake, Mrs Simpson’s Marmalade, Mrs Lumsden’s Butterscotch Sauce, Mrs Flintoft’s Buns, Miss Dalton’s Ginger Biscuits. 

A kitchen needs books. If they are precious to you, as they are to me, take care to keep them, when in use, out of the way of spillage and splashing.  Happy reading that brings you mouth-watering results !

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