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Jessica Blair
short-listed for the Romantic Novel of the Year 2014

Tuesday 26th May 2020

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Jessica Blair Books:-

The Red Shawl
A Distant Harbour
Storm Bay
The Restless Spirit
The Other Side of
The River

The Seaweed Gatherers
Portrait of Charlotte
The Locket
The Long Way Home
The Restless Heart
Time and Tide
Echoes of the Past
Secrets of the Sea
Yesterdays Dreams
Reach For Tomorrow
Dangerous Shores
Wings of Sorrow
Stay With Me
Sealed Secrets
Secrets of a Whitby Girl
*The Road Beneath Me
In the Silence of the Snow
A Tapestry of Dreams
Just One More Day

Just One More DAy - Jessica Blair

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Jessica Blair - Novels

The rugged Yorkshire coast and its ports of the 19th century form the backdrop to most of the novels of romance, mystery and adventure by North Yorkshire author Jessica Blair.

In your journeys into the past you will follow the whalers, the jet carvers, the smugglers, the alum workers, the artists, the photographers, the herring fishers, visit the iron and steel industry of Teesside and the mills of West Yorkshire, face dangers with the wreckers in Cornwall, fly with the fighter pilots and bomber crews of the Second World War, sail with the mine sweepers, experience Dunkirk and work with the Womenís Land Army.

You will visit the Arctic, the Pacific, New Bedford, Nova Scotia, the London, Yorkshire and American art worlds, Revolutionary France, and France of the Resistance, nineteenth century New York, Denver and Colorado.

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Jessica Blair

The 'Opal' of Whitby by Frank Meadow Sutcliffe,  image copyright © 2001 The Sutcliffe Gallery - Whitby
Frank Meadow Sutcliffe

A Distant Harbour - Portrait of Charlotte - Storm Bay - The Locket
The Long Way Home - The Other Side of The River - The Restless Spirit - The Red Shawl - Yesterdays Dreams blog