October 18th, 2010 Posted in Books, BOOKS FROM MY BOOKSHELVES

Dorling Kindersley are experts at producing big, highly illustrated, factual books that are attractive, readable and engaging. EXPLORERS which has found a place on my bookshelves is no exception. It follows exploration from the first steps of man in the ancient world to the modern era of  space exploration. With so many colour photographs and illustrations the subject becomes alive. The succinct text, essays, quotes by the explorers themselves, and time-lines lead us on to learn more about the development of exploration, of the men and women who furthered our knowledge by venturing into the unknown. It is a book which will continue to provide me with knowledge but also with pleasure as I browse the pages at leisure.

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  2. By Judith Gilbert on Oct 19, 2010

    I have had ‘The Guiness Book of Explorers and Exploration’ for years. I will have to look at the DK one. It is a fascinating subject and I would like to think there are more unexplored areas on earth.

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