Judi Dench

October 29th, 2010 Posted in Books, BOOKS FROM MY BOOKSHELVES

I have just finished AND FURTHERMORE, Judi Dench’s autobiography. It now has a place on my bookshelves. As a fan of this great actress, naturally I enjoyed it. It is a refreshing, pleasant autobiography concerned chiefly with her career as an actress. Her private life is allowed in only whenever it is  important to the story of her life as an actress. As Judi Dench says her private life is private and we the public have no need to know more and intrude on her privacy. This does not prevent aspects of her personality come through, her humour, her devotion to her family, her love of her work, her professionalism, her appreciation of those who have influenced her.    My recognition of her talent is confined to her work on the big and small screens; I have never seen her live  —  well, that’s not strictly true. I found that out when I read this book.  In 1951 I attended the first revival since the 15th century of the York Cycle of Mystery Plays – Judi Dench, a pupil at the Mount School in York, was one of the angels!

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