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I now have all of your published novels to date and I look forward to reading your next novels when they are published. (Jean Huggett Dec 2009)

Distant Harbour
Loved the book A Distant Harbour, I’m in Pictou (Nova Scotia) featured in this book, glimpse into hard life of UK emigrants.
Looking forward to more of your books. (Anne MacIsaac, Pictou, Nova Scotia. July 2009)

Wings of Sorrow
I enjoyed the story line and all the mentions of the various streets of Whitby and surrounding area (especially Mulgrave Hall as I was born and brought up very close to there) and am now looking forward to reading “Wings of Sorrow”.
Rosemary Casson (June 2009)

Wings of Sorrow
I have just found your Jessica Blair novel, Wings of Sorrow, on the shelves of my local library in Frankston, on the Mornington Peninsula which is in Victoria, Australia.
I was absolutely thrilled on reading the first few pages to find a reference to Scholes Park Road among other street names, very familiar to me.  My mother lived at Scholes Park Road for a while. ….. thank you for writing a novel about such a wonderful place as Scarborough!!!  I shall be looking for your other novels as soon as I finish reading Wings of Sorrow.  Pat Neilson (January 2009)

Dangerous Shores
I think I’ll have to put the book I’m reading now on the back burner and start “Dangerous Shores” straight away, the suspense is killing me. I’ll have to wait patiently for “Stay With Me” And there’s another one to follow? Excellent. Keep them coming. (Julie Bryant November 2008)


Wings of Sorrow

Thanks for yet another brilliant book (wings of sorrow)from your number one fans Bev and Les Bailey (April 2008)


The Red Shawl

’A brilliantly researched book about Whitby, whaling and the havoc one woman could wreak on those touched by her ruthless ambition.’ Elizabeth Elgin.

’A stirring story.’ Bolton Evening News.

This gripping saga of smuggling, whaling, love and passion kept me engrossed from beginning to end.’ Yorkshire Advertiser.


A Distant Harbour

‘A stirring tale of adventure and love on the high seas’, Publishing News.