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Jessica Blair
short-listed for the Romantic Novel of the Year 2014

Wednesday 12th August 2020

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Jessica Blair Books:-

The Red Shawl
A Distant Harbour
Storm Bay
The Restless Spirit
The Other Side of
The River

The Seaweed Gatherers
Portrait of Charlotte
The Locket
The Long Way Home
The Restless Heart
Time and Tide
Echoes of the Past
Secrets of the Sea
Yesterdays Dreams
Reach For Tomorrow
Dangerous Shores
Wings of Sorrow
Stay With Me
Sealed Secrets
Secrets of a Whitby Girl
*The Road Beneath Me
In the Silence of the Snow
A Tapestry of Dreams
Just One More Day

Just One More DAy - Jessica Blair

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Secrets of the Sea

secrets of the sea


Sam Coulson’s ambition is to have the biggest trading concern in 19th Century Whitby and will do anything to achieve this and see that his firm will be in safe hands when he decides to retire. His friend since boyhood, Seaton Campion, now a ‘friendly’ rival in the maritime world, has no sons to succeed him so Sam sees a marriage between his eldest and favourite son, Martin, and Campion’s eldest daughter, Alicia, as a way to amalgamate the two firms. But Martin is lost in the Arctic. Sam demands his second son, Ben, takes Martin’s place. Alicia is pleased for it is Ben she really loves, but Ben has secretly declared his love for Ruth Holmes whose father was captain of the whaler from which Martin was lost and who Sam blames for that loss.

Ambition threatens many lives and relationships until the unexpected happens in Whitby and the Arctic yields the truth.

An ‘intriguing tale of familial strife’ Choice

‘has all the ingredients for a gripping read.’ Bradford Telegraph and Argus

‘another excellent book …..with intrigue, revenge and love galore.’ York Evening Press

‘….expertise on whaling is apparent in this absorbing tale.’ Nottingham Evening Post.

‘makes the blood run cold and the heart step up a pace’ Tesco Books Home Page

A Distant Harbour - Portrait of Charlotte - Storm Bay - The Locket
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