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Magdelena Fjord

I have just finished reading SICK HEART RIVER by John Buchan.

It has been on my bookshelves since 11th September 1942 !!

Oh, yes I have read it before, but just lately I had an urge to read him again and from the 27 books by John Buchan on my bookshelves I chose this one. It was the last one he wrote

I was brought up on John Buchan. I loved his story-telling and this was one of things that led me to become a novelist. Though some of his novels can be termed dated today, especially those set in Africa, they still come over as good stories. SICK HEART RIVER is set in the Canadian Arctic. This, along with my interest in the History of Whaling (see my book HARPOONED), led me to using the Arctic as background to some of my novels written under the name of Jessica Blair.

My copy of SICK HEART RIVER was bought in Cambridge in 1942 where I was posted for a short time awaiting posting to Canada for Aircrew training.

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  2. By Shirley Wells on Aug 24, 2011

    Twenty-seven John Buchan books on your shelf? I had no idea he’d written so many.

    How wonderful that you know where and when you bought the book. Lovely.

  3. By Bill on Aug 24, 2011

    Thanks Shirley. I used to write in the book where and when purchased but after a few years I let it slip – wish I hadn’t — it added a special meaning to the book.

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