The Start of a New Journey

March 26th, 2015 Posted in Books

With JUST ONE MORE DAY published in February and the next novel TREAD SOFTLY, ALICE with my publisher, Piatkus,  I took two months away from writing. Do writers ever completely escape from writing? And do we ever really want to? Does our subconscious continue to tick away in the work we love? Yesterday I was aware of an idea for my next novel pushing itself into prominence in my mind and before long I was sat down tapping my computer keys and seeing words appearing on the screen. The new book? Those first words recording the idea are the start from which the whole idea can evolve. Now I have something to work from and let my ideas expand. It is the start of an exciting journey during which I will be in new places, meet people, most of whom I don’t know at the present time, but they beckon with enticing possibilities. Wish me an interesting and fulfilling journey.

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