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Where are they?   Hardbacks published by Robert Hale appear in libraries; so do Large Print editions. But why are paperbacks absent from booksellers shelves? There must be a market out there ! 

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  2. By Keith Chapman on Aug 10, 2009

    Yes, Bill, where can we find a paperback western? Not any more at the corner shop or even a high-street bookstore — apart perhaps from imports of the many times reprinted novels of the late Louis L’Amour. But the online booksellers, like the Book Depository and Amazon, list westerns, if you know where to look! And the ezine Black Horse Extra (which, everyone, carried a great article about Bill last December) is currently promoting what it’s hoped might become a new paperback line. Click to if you’d like to know more. The first book is a mite pricey, but still £3 or $5 cheaper than a hardback western. If there is a market out there, I’m sure there will be more.

    Here are a few comments from other blogs:

    “This is a well constructed and written novel from Misfit Lil’s creator, Chap O’Keefe, who builds the tension and keeps the reader guessing to the end. . . a first edition and a must buy for fans of Misfit Lil. . . for the money you get a quality paperback – all in all I look at this book as value for money.”

    “I’m so glad to see that this book is starting to get the recognition it truly deserves. Take it from someone who’s collected and read westerns for more than forty years, MISFIT LIL CHEATS THE HANGROPE stands head and shoulders above the current crop of competitors! It has a fabulous story with – to this reader, at least – a completely unforeseen denouement, vivid, lively characters and regular bursts of action which – and here’s the important bit – STEM NATURALLY FROM THE PLOT and aren’t just shoe-horned in to beef things up a bit. I have of course read Chap O’Keefe for a long while now, but genuinely feel that this is his best to date!”

    “I’m excited to hear of a new Misfil Lil book. It’s a wonderful series with a delightful protagonist. Chap O’Keefe is doing an excellent job at nudging the genre forwards, something that’s desperately needed if westerns are to continue to grow and flourish. I’m looking forward to seeing the new format, and look forward to hearing of other books published by BHE.”

  3. By Bill on Aug 11, 2009

    Keith- Thanks for your comment. Not too long at all especially as it is making a point. Hope more comments are forthcoming and the cause of the paperback Western becomes resounding. At one time Westerns got a poor press and the fact that many of them were extremely well written was overlooked. The genre had writers who could stand alongside the best in other genres. And I have no doubt there are writers out there now who could turn out extremely well written ‘keep you reading’ stories that would match the best in other genres if only they had the chance of publication by reputable publishers with the desire and punch to open the market again.

  4. By Judith Gilbert on Aug 21, 2009

    Perhaps we ought to be introducing younger readers to the genre too. Wizards weren’t popular until Harry potter came along. Maybe we want a child hero on a waggon train?!

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