A Feast or Disaster?

December 16th, 2009 Posted in Books

Back from Tesco. We shouldn’t starve at Christmas!  There are a few more things to get but they are obtainable at the shop directly opposite me in the village.  Even if snow develops I’ll be able to get them. Turkey on order there too. I have 14 miles to go to the supermarket. Thank goodness we didn’t have the snow I hear they have had in the south. Did I buy too much? Yes and No. Got the usual everyday things but … well at this time of the year I listen to and read Delia and Nigella and think I’ll try that. So I get the ingredients. Probably will use them only once and eventually the Use Before sends out its warning. But hopefully I won’t meet disaster and the family will have enjoyed my effort. Got a new starter in mind and a different way with red cabbage, and a new gravy as well as a mouth-watering trifle!! I’ll keep the turkey straight-forward !   Happy planning everyone.

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  2. By Myrna on Jan 9, 2010

    Bill, where are you? I get worried about you when you don’t post for this long! I hope you had a lovely Christmas and you and yours are well.
    Cheers, Myrna Chandler

  3. By Bill on Jan 12, 2010

    Thanks for your concern, Myrna. I am afraid I have neglected my Blog = laziness on my part! I had made a resolve to do better in the future so turned to it this morning and found your thoughtful comment. Thanks.
    My Christmas was great but the snow has been irritating – Apart from crossing the road to the shop directly opposite me (it’s a Godsend to have it so near) I have not been out – no necessity and didn’t want to fall and maybe turn out to be a liability to others. Thaw started yesterday so the feeling of freedom is returning.
    Take care

  4. By Myrna on Jan 14, 2010

    So happy all is ok. God bless, Myrna

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