Blogging Again

January 12th, 2010 Posted in Books

Been neglecting my blog.  Can’t blame the snow for that! 

We have had a considerable covering but not as bad as some places. Used to like it when I was younger but not now! I’ve stayed indoors since Christmas except to visit the village shop directly opposite me (I’m lucky) Thought it wisest when I had no other necessity to go out. Thaw set in Sunday night, continued yesterday and again last night. A gentle one, nothing dramatic. Now I can get the car out it feels freedom is with me again! 

Had a great Christmas with some of the family visiting.  All made successful journeys though some took longer than usual.

2010 – I hope a good one for all who read this.

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  2. By Judith Gilbert on Jan 12, 2010

    We thought we were getting rid of it and then had another 5″ yesterday. Bitter today with a few more snow showers and yet also thawing. I’ll be glad to get back to normal though it means I am getting a lot of painting done. Some people have said to me that they can’t settle to anything and yet they always grumble when they don’t have the time to read a good book etc. I guess they just feel guilty about it! Not me!

  3. By Shirley Wells on Jan 12, 2010

    Glad to see you back in ‘blogland’!

    Remind me never to do another snow dance … we still have about 9 inches of the stuff and I feel as if I’ve been snowed in for ever.

  4. By Bill on Jan 13, 2010


    Glad you are getting a lot of painting done.
    I can’t understand anyone being bored even if shut in by snow

  5. By Bill on Jan 13, 2010

    Thanks for the welcome back. I’ll try to be good and keep blogging regularly.

    You live on the wrong side of the Pennines! Our snow is disappearing nice and steadily.

  6. By Judith Gilbert on Jan 17, 2010

    We had loads of rain Friday and Saturday and the snow has just about gone. That’s how I like it to go—quickly. I hate it when it’s just brown slush lying around. It is so nice to have the freedom to go out again. With artificial joints it is terrifying to go out when there is ice around. How I envy those who can slide, jump and roll in the snow. Still could be worse. I’d hate to live in the desert!!!! Judith

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