The Birth of a New Novel

January 19th, 2010 Posted in News

My latest novel  is  in the hands of my publisher!!!! Yipee!!!! Hi, don’t be in such a hurry to relax. You’ll now have to think of the next one !!  Hold on before you start saying  ‘Told you so.’ 

 I already have. I start thinking of possibilities before I finish the one I am writing. They are only germs at that stage. They have to be given some life.  Which one? That or that? I toy with them (that’s the stage I’m at now) until one begins to really catch on and I can see a beginning and an end. I have a general background. When I begin to put the main characters into that they begin to take on life. Then things begin to happen – they react to each other, to happenings around them, they make things happen, and this all draws other characters in, unknown until I am introduced to them. It is an exciting process. 

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