Books From My Bookshelves 9, 22 January 2010

January 21st, 2010 Posted in Books, BOOKS FROM MY BOOKSHELVES

A  sumptuous book, recently published now stands on my bookshelves holding its own among the books with the sea as their subject.  EMPIRE OF THE SEAS by Brian Lavery, an expert on Naval subjects,  is linked to the TV series of the same name presented by Dan Snow. With it succint text and superb colour  pictures it shows the value of having a static book to recall the movement on the screen. A book you can dip into at will, where you can soon find what you are looking for, seems to me preferable to TV, recordings, and discs. They do not give quick access. Apart from that they do not have the same, lovely feel that comes with a book. A combination of this sort, TV with book, does work well provided both productions are of equal quality.

However, a book of this nature does pose a problem for the book collector: where should it be placed if your library is divided into sections –  history, naval or sea? 

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  2. By Shirley Wells on Jan 22, 2010

    I do agree about a book being preferable to recordings and discs – so long as they’re of equal quality of course. Wonderful to watch a David Attenborough TV series, but even better perhaps to hold the lovely books in your hand.

    I’d put Empire of the Seas under ‘sea’. Or, um, ‘naval’. Perhaps you’ll just have to go out and buy another two copies?

  3. By Bill on Jan 22, 2010

    If I do that, Shirley, where am I going to put them – shelves are groaning already !!

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