Banishing the gloom.

October 31st, 2010 Posted in Books

Bit  of a gloom today. Middlesbrough were beaten yesterday by the bottom club and so are firmly placed in the relegation zone of the Championship. Two years ago they were Premiership. So sad. Backroom mistakes? Who knows? Only those in charge. Policies that have been implemented have certainly slowed the turnstiles and they need to be kept turning by the fans. All so dispiriting when you think where the club could have been.

Cast the gloom of football aside – my greater interest is cricket and that is now focusing on the other side of the world and our team that could win the Ashes series.

And the gloom was further dispersed by the news of Lee Westwood becoming World Number One, knocking Tiger Woods off his throne. Westwood’s success revived memories of a great Ryder Cup.

So the football gloom faded and was extingushed in a good day’s writing and the knowledge that I’m on the last Chapter.  Great to see the end getting near. Of course that isn’t the end of the work on the novel. It has to be checked over and no doubt there’ll be some re-writing.  Then what next?  Well ideas are always clicking over, it is just finding the one I really want to get my teeth into. I hope to make  a good bite one day soon!

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