A Writing Week.

March 24th, 2011 Posted in Books, News

The title fits this week very well.  

Last Saturday I had a signing session at the Whitby Bookshop. It was a beautiful morning so I left home early for the drive across the moors and a walk by the sea and on the harbour piers in Whitby. The signing session went well and I met some loyal fans and made some new ones. 

During the week I received a copy of TRAIL TO SEDALIA which had been published in Large Print . (Information and a  picture of the cover appear on a separate blog).

I received, for my approval, copies of items for the proposed cover of the next Jessica Blair novel, THE ROAD BENEATH ME , which is published early next year.

I also received a contract for the next Jessica Blair novel to check and agree. This has to be ready by 1st February. Piatkus had already agreed to take this novel so I had started work on it and have about 5000 words written so far. Another 95,000 to write!

I have a talk in Scarborough on 2nd April to Friends of Scarborough Library so I did some preparation for that.

And I did some work for my Review Column in my local weekly paper.

So, yes, a Writing Week !        It’s nice to be busy.

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