60 years

April 1st, 2011 Posted in Books

My new novel is underway nicely.  I’m 5000 words into it. Only another 95,000 to write !  I’ve been held up progressing further this week because I have been preparing a talk to give to Friends of Scarborough Library tomorrow. It will deal with my writing life and look at the changes in the writing world during the 60 years I have been writing. 60 years! That shocked me. Where as the time gone?

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  2. By Judith Gilbert on Apr 1, 2011

    There will have been a lot of changes in 60 years. They now talk of the 1980s as history and I tend to think it has only just disappeared!! when they talk of changes in 2016 I think oh I’ll be dead by then and then realise it is just five years away. I think I am stuck in 1990!!!!
    keep up the good work

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