April 13th, 2011 Posted in Books

My talk in Helmsley library last Saturday went well. Helmsley is a small market town near where I live so I didn’t expect as many people as I had at Scarborough, the large seaside resort on the Yorkshire coast. The small gathering in Helmsley was an interesting one. The people here¬†were as equally receptive and attentive as the larger audience in Scarborough, so much so that I got an extra half hour of appropriate questions which demanded lively and informative answers¬†

Libraries such as these two deserve to escape any cuts. Scarborough, serving a much bigger community, should be safe, Helmsley, on the other hand has what promises to be a bleak future, but it is hoped that enough interest will be stirred to save what is an attractive library, recently renovated, now with a much pleasanter arrangement and also a delightful small room for such functions as my talk. There are opportunities here to try and attract the communitywho should rise to the occasion and save what is a valuable asset. For the moment they have gained a reprieve for a year, giving time to find alternative arrangements or another solution. Rally round SAVE YOUR LIBRARY.

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